Flitecell’s market-leading battery safety

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Safety is our number one priority at Flite. We have invested heavily in research and development and believe we offer the safest portable marine grade batteries available in the market.

In addition to the required independent lab tests for safety and shipping certification, we’ve done numerous tests to ensure battery safety. These include 2 meter drop tests, testing power and temperature extremes, nail puncture tests and filling running batteries with salt water.

As a premium brand using only the highest quality materials and construction techniques, we offer market-leading safety features in our Flitecells, including:

1. Phase Change Material
Phase Change Material is used in Flitecell Explore, and will be used in our entire battery range for Series 3. PCM dramatically improves thermal management, safety and longevity. One of its functions is to absorb heat from cells; isolating and cooling faulty cells in particular, before a problem can spread.

2. Lowest Impedance Cells 
Not all cells on the market offer the same safety profile. We use premium 21700 cells, and a specific brand and model of cell that offers the lowest impedance on the market and highest current rating. This means our cells stay cooler than other cells, and are used well below their maximum operating thresholds for discharging and charging.

3. Titanium Reinforced Strength and Durability
Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metal. It's strong and corrosion resistant, which is why we've used it to house our premium cells.

4. Double Waterproofing
Our battery is fully waterproof. Every battery is pressure tested before leaving the factory. The battery also resides inside a waterproof compartment in the board itself, with a water resistance rating of IP67. 

5. Advanced Battery Management System
Our advanced Battery Management System is unbeatable for a swift, safe charge and consistent temperature control. Three levels of protection add redundancy for electronics failures. Wireless transmission of the BMS data is reliable, and eliminates the need for an additional connector.

6. Sight Glass 
Flitecell is the only marine battery on the market to include a sight glass, which allows you to check for any water ingress for peace of mind.

7. Two Power Cables
To connect Flitecell to Flitebox, only two power cables are needed. They are far enough apart and color coded to avoid confusion between the positive and negative connectors. This also minimizes the chance of a short circuit between the poles.

8. Real Time Feedback 
While Fliteboarding, you can monitor the temperature of the battery using the Flite Controller. In the unlikely event that the battery overheats, Flite Controller alerts the user as step one, and if the battery keeps getting hotter, the safety systems will shut off the Flitecell as needed.

Our User Guide contains details about how to best care for, charge, store and maintain your Flitecell. You can find more information on our Support page and read about other market-leading safety features we’ve built into our Fliteboard efoils