Flying over water feels
like magic

Delight your guests with the thrill
of a lifetime.

Delight your guests with the thrill
of a lifetime.


World's most awarded eFoil with an unmatched safety record, 2 year warranty and 24/7 support give yacht captains full confidence in Fliteboard.


Fliteboard Package


Fliteboard AIR Package

"This is the Rolls Royce of eFoils."

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Seb Pulido, Yacht Captain


We are proud to be market leaders and pioneers of innovative eFoil safety features. Battery safety is particularly important. With close to 50,000 Fliteboard sessions logged via our app and 10,000 Flitecells sold, we continue to offer the safest experience.

"The safety features designed into Flitecell makes them the only lithium-ion battery I trust to have aboard a Superyacht I command."

Captain Richard Morris, Australian Superyachts

Captain Richard Morris, Australian Superyachts

Above and Beyond

In addition to the required independent lab tests for safety and shipping certification, we’ve done numerous safety tests including 2 metre drop tests, testing power and temperature extremes, nail puncture tests and filling running batteries with salt water.

Phase Change Material

Phase Change Material is used in our entire Flitecell range for Series 3. PCM dramatically improves thermal management, safety and longevity. One of its functions is to absorb heat from cells; isolating and cooling faulty cells in particular, before a problem can spread.

Lowest Impendance Cells

Not all cells on the market offer the same safety profile. We use premium 21700 cells that offer the lowest impedance on the market and highest current rating. This means our cells stay cooler and are used well below their maximum operating thresholds for discharging and charging.

Real Time Feedback

While Fliteboarding, you can monitor the temperature of the battery using the Flite Controller. In the unlikely event that the battery overheats, Flite Controller alerts the user as step one, and if the battery keeps getting hotter, the safety systems will shut off the Flitecell as needed.

Arming Procedure

Fliteboard uses a safety lock for arming the motor. This feature removes the risk of accidentally pulling the trigger and running the motor when you don't want to.

Automatic Tilt Detection

Every board has an Inertial Measurement Unit, which can detect the angle of the board. If the board goes beyond a certain angle, the motor cuts off. In a crash, the board will typically cut out before you hit the water even if you’re still holding your finger on the trigger.

Flite Controller

Flite Controller’s trigger position is measured with extreme accuracy and reliability, like the accelerator pedal in a car. The Bluetooth signal between the Fliteboard and Flite Controller is continuously monitored. Fliteboard detects when the Flite Controller is submerged and immediately shuts down the motor to avoid injury.

Unibody Fuselage

One of the innovations that holds Fliteboard above others in the market is our patented unibody fuselage. It is machined from a single block of aircraft grade aluminum during a 14 hour process. This gives the foil added strength, as we don’t clamp the motor to the mast like others do. Efficient design also removes the need for cumbersome cooling tubes, which can easily get blocked with sand and other debris.

Voted "best value for money and most fun" by captains and crew surveyed by Yachting Pages.

Considered Design

Fliteboards come in premium cases, designed to fit in small spaces. Storage and transport are easy, including when the weather changes and you need to pack up quickly.

Built to Last

We offer a 2 year warranty and our global network ensures exceptional support is available 24/7. If ever captains or guests have questions, they can reach out to our Customer Support team.