Flite Folding Propellor

Flite Folding Prop is the ultimate choice for surfing enthusiasts. The intelligent design automatically streamlines, folding back when you release the Flite Controller throttle to reduce drag and ensure maximum glide efficiency. The folding blades are designed specifically for advanced riders who love to harness the power of the ocean or the wake of a boat.

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Is the Flite Folding Prop Compatible across all Series of Fliteboard?

Folding Prop is compatible with all series of Fliteboards with a prop system. It’s best paired with a Pro tail cover.

Can I use Flite Folding Prop with my Flite Jet?

Flite Folding Prop is not compatible with Flite Jet as it uses an impeller rather than a propeller. The Dual Drive system allows you to easily and quickly swap between Flite Jet and Folding Prop.

What is Flite Folding Prop, and how does it differ to the True Glide Prop?

While True Glide Prop minimizes drag by freely spinning when not powered, Folding Prop simply folds into a streamlined position when unpowered. It does so by pivoting at the root of each blade, allowing the flow of water to push it closed. As soon as power is engaged, centrifugal force and thrust open and hold the blades into position. 

How do I install Flite Folding Prop?

Flite Folding Prop is easy to install. You can find the easy instructions here.

How do I maintain Flite Folding Prop?

Like all Flite components Folding Prop should be rinsed with fresh water after every use. 

What is the Flite Folding Prop manufactured from?

Folding Prop is machined from aircraft grade aluminum.  

Why is Flite Folding Prop more expensive than the True Glide Prop?

True Glide Prop is made from mold injected fiber-reinforced polymer. Folding Prop takes hours to be machined from aircraft grade aluminum.

Will Flite Folding Prop change the functionality of the Controller? 

No, the intelligent design of Folding Prop means that it transforms automatically and mechanically. There is no need to select a specific mode to use Folding Prop on your Fliteboard. 

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